Saturday, 27 December 2014

Study Task 5 - Making a face

For this task I used the dope sheet I created for study task 4 to help me key frame the phonemes in which I gained reference from Preston Blair's Phoneme series. I found that saying the sounds and counting how many syllables each word had helped to plan what Moom would actually say. In order to key frame the lip sync, I created a quick set for the custom shelf that selected all of the facial features. I key framed all of the facial features whenever I created another key frame as to avoid a problem that I used to encounter whenever I would key frame individual parts of the facial panel. The problem I used to encounter was the individual key frames would contradict the other key frames, and trying to organize each individual frame was very time consuming task and it was difficult to find the key frame that was causing the problem with the movement in the animation; key framing all the properties together on one key frame helps to keep everything easy to understand and adjust if I needed to.

I found importing the original sound to the timeline in Maya helped me to key frame the lip sync as well as using the dope sheet I made for the sound. The main problem when creating the animation, was that I found the key frames were too close together making the word Moom was pronouncing not match up with the sound  as I noticed that for most of the lip sync I had to miss some of the phonemes to make the lip sync run smoother.

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