Saturday, 20 December 2014

Study Task 4 - What a Dope

For this task we chose a sound clip and broke down the syllables of the dialogue to then easily translate to animation. I chose the Ghost Busters clip, that involved varying pitches with "wow" "gotta" and "in?", which I thought would be a challenge and practice for my own audio.

As we broke the sound clip down we recorded the syllables and phonemes on a 'Dope Sheet' which is a simple chart used to show the breakdown of audio against actions within the animation, and is a useful tool for lip syncing. The dope sheet really helped with aligning different words that would be spoken in each frame to mooms possible movements, for example in the audio clip one of the sentences ends in a question mark, which could involve moom lifting up his arms slightly and shaking his head. To help with a few of the words, I used Preston Blair's phoneme examples to understand the mouth movements as well as looking at how others and myself pronounce certain words.

Ghost Busters sound clip dope sheet

Phoneme A I and Phoneme E

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