Monday, 1 December 2014


My performance needed to reflect the action shown in the storyboards but also show emphasis and expressions that moom would have when doing that certain pose. I found it really difficult to act with my first recording as I had to guess and imagine where certain parts would be, and I didn't have enough space to show that I had gone to another scene/place in the frame. I felt that the performance would have been better if I had directed and asked another student to perform for me so I could see how they could interact with things in the frame and what angle/shot I wanted for that action. However using myself as a reference not only built up my confidence but it helped me to gain a better understanding of the movements that I would be soon animating. Unfortunately I later realised that the video quality was quite poor and too small to be able to take reference from, so I had to make more reference.

With the newest reference I was able to include more props and easily act with the table, being able to visually see what I would be interacting with and how moom would possibly interact with it. I changed a few of the angles compared to the storyboard as I felt that it worked better with in that angle and is more realistic to achieve, this can be seen in the last gif, where moom turns to mother moom. Originally I had moom turn with mother mooms shoulder in the foreground as a blur, before zooming out to see all of mother moom, however I didn't think that I would achieve this effect well with the cameras in Maya and I found that the tracking shot in my reference was funnier and emphasized the dialogue well.

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