Thursday, 11 December 2014

Qwertee - Space Dandy

After researching into Qwertee and other t-shirt websites, I decided to chose 'Space Dandy' as one of my designs for a t-shirt to submit to the site. The programme Space Dandy focuses on the main character Dandy, who travels space in his ship, the 'Aloha Oe' makes a living from capturing rare aliens as he stumbles across new dimensions and planets by accident. The show itself is written well with hilarious and meaningful narrative that is met with beautifully animated characters, with vivid colour schemes and interesting character design. Space Dandy revolves around the main character which I want to focus on for the t-shirt design. I found it useful looking at how the show and other characters interpretations of the main character are portrayed through the expressions that he makes and body language.

Space Dandy character sheet

I then began drawing the main character, Dandy, in my own interpretation of the illustrative style to generate ideas for a possible t-shirt design, whether it is presented in silhouette or halftone colour to create the illusion of shading. Other designs on the Qwertee website that were printed do contain alot of silhouette designs, which is a good possibility for a t-shirt design.

Whilst sketching Dandy, I preferred the designs that used an angular perspective rather than drawn straight on perspective. The different perspective gave the pose a sense of movement and dynamics, which I believe would work well on a t-shirt.  I wanted to capture the fun humor of the show and the main character, so I explored different facial features that could work to depict this. Drawing this helped me to visualise and understand the personality of the character more which I was able to continue to take inspiration from as I drew the character Dandy in different poses.

I then took one of these designs and created a possible t-shirt print from it, by adding a black circular background for the silhouette to stand out against. I wanted the logo to be placed in the white space that is left from the black circle and also have a quote from the show around the circle to add to the humor of the show, "A dandy guy from outer space."

Facial designs




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