Monday, 22 December 2014

progress so far notes

- I worked on the locators with the soft toy, making him move alongside mooms right hand. I found this quite difficult, as I couldn't key frame the toy moving without ruining the movement of moom lifting it up. I found that I would have to move moom instead, it was time consuming but I got the animation to run smoothly.

- Worked on the first scene with adding audio and attempted lip syncing which worked well however it runs too fast for the audio that I imported on to the time line - I need to slow down the lip sync by adding more inbetweens.

- I created mother moom by adding the lips to a duplicate of moom,  using the create polygon tool. The tool was difficult to use at first as whenever I would make a completed shape and would press enter to finish working with the tool, the polygon would suddenly stretch across the plane. I found that the easiest way to encounter the problem was to draw directly on the plane with the tool, however it would only create a face and not a 3D polygon, so to fix this additional problem, I had to use the extrude tool to alter the singular face.

- Worked on the speed of the scene where moom time that moom sees the soft toy - I found that the seen was far too fast which was due to both the key frames of the controllers for Moom and the joints. I managed to smooth some of the movements to be less jagged and fast, however I had to delete some of the key frames as they rotated in the wrong direction which caused the jaggedness of the animation. I still need to edit the spin. I found that using ghosting helped to figure out where the next natural movement of the spin would be - much like onion skinning on photoshop or flash when animating.

- Whilst animating the translator tool changed its direction of pivot, it was set to a diagonal movement, I fixed this by centering the pivot in the translate options, to centre on the object.


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