Monday, 8 December 2014

Making the Music box

To make the music box I used my design work as a basis for the maya model. I wanted to make the music box as simple as I could to work with the background design and the Moom model; I need to focus on the animation of the composition.

I created the box by using subdivisions to create the hollowed part and duplicating the main cube polygon for the lid. However the doll was more complicated through the use of the cone shapes and how I would create the lips. To make the shape of the lips, I used the 'create polygon' tool which allowed me to draw on the plane to create the polygon that I wanted. I found the tool to be much like the pen tool on photoshop, however in order to add contours to the shape, I would have to add subdivisions and edit the polygon to a curve.

The model

In order to colour the doll, I used a new Lambert shade however the colour for the head of the doll was difficult to achieve. After creating more subdivisions I was able to select the faces on the sphere in which I wanted to be an orange hue. It was time consuming but it was the only sure way in which I would separate the skin and hair hues. I did try to reduce the amount of subdivisions and select the few faces that would be the hair, however when I added the subdivisions back to make the sphere more contoured, the colour disappeared to the opposite end of the sphere.

Colouring part of the faces
Mental Ray rendered

After creating the music box, I imported the design to my acting up scene in maya; I wanted to see how well the music box would fit with in the scene. I quickly added a few area lights and rendered the scene with mental ray. The outcome worked well as the style of the prop worked with the style of moom.

In scene with Moom

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