Thursday, 11 December 2014

Qwertee, Progress so far - Space Dandy

I took one of the possible t-shirt designs and imported it to photoshop so that I could create lineart and experiment with different versions of the silhouette. From the scan I mainly used the pen tool to create the lineart due to the ease of creating smooth contours and straight lines. After I had created the lineart, I felt that the circle behind the character was too small and needed to be seen more for a better contrast. I created different versions of the size and placement of the circle, I quite liked the composition of the circle being slightly to the left and raised higher so that the circle was near his hair, however the last design worked well with the characters foot resting against the edge of the circle. It gave the circle a purpose for being in the composition, as much as I liked the idea of the black contrasting with the white space of the character, it didn't seem to fit with the design as well as I wanted it to. With the last lineart design I made, lineart 4, the size of the circle gives room for possibly more silhouettes such as the space ship and his other companions that could be jumping out of the circle, to give a sense of foreground and middleground in the composition.

From this lineart, I started to plan the colour scheme that would be used for the silhouette, I wanted to use the main colours that depict the character in the show, in which I obtained from the character sheet of Dandy from the pre production art for the show. I felt that this silhouette worked well as the hues contrasted well and the viewer can tell who the character is. However I want to experiment more with the structure of the composition and adding or subtracting the colour, adding gradients to change the style of the illustration, or changing it from a silhouette and into a detailed illustration.

Example of scan and pen tool

Lineart 1

Lineart 2

Lineart 3

Lineart 4
Example of silhouette so far

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