Monday, 1 December 2014

Study Task 3 - Strike a Pose

For this task, we were given a choice of multiple emotions in which we had to choose 5 and portray these on the character model, Moom, using primary reference. Using myself as reference for each emotion that I chose, I was able to depict these emotions quite well, by making the poses as emphasized as possible, giving more personality to the pose.

For the first emotion, 'Awe', I wanted the facial expression to be happy and shocked at the same time to show  'awe', and for his body language to be 'on his toes' to give that idea of movement, with his hands curled up to show the containment of excitement. I found it was difficult when thinking of how to pose for the reference but with the basis of the reference I was able to make Moom more emphasized and dramatic to suit the emotion.

For the next pose I looked into I needed to create a stance which portrayed confusion. I thought about different ways in which you could show confusion with body language instead of just relying on facial features. I referenced the pose with a shrug and an 'I dont know' stance, the typical arms up and hip slightly to one side pose. I felt like this worked well with the final composition as the merged facial features and pose made Moom looked confused.

To portray the next pose 'tired', I used a stretch, elongating his back and arms to show the movement in the body language, along with creating a yawn on Mooms face. I found this pose difficult with the feet, as I wasn't too sure how I could move them to suit with the stretch, I felt that feet needed to be outstretched, so I moved them slightly apart.

For the 'cruel' pose, I used a scheming and calculating face, dramatically rotating his eyebrows to add a more evil smirk like expression. I gained inspiration from the character Mr Burns in the animation 'The Simpsons', with his hands and a hunched back posture to make him look sneaky and devious. I added a green spot light to the composition as the colour green is associated with villains and it helped to bring detail to the piece.

For hunger, I used a sad pose and facial expression as if Moom is upset from being hungry, I mainly used is hands to portray his hunger by resting them on his stomach as if to stop any growling noises from his belly. I made his posture slightly hunched over as to emphasize the extent of him trying to stop his stomach growling but also to work with his facial expression. 


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