Saturday, 13 December 2014

Progress so far - Music box scene

For the next storyboard, I created the music box prop in which Moom interacts with through out the scenes. The modelling was quite simple as I purposely made the doll that would spin with simple polygon shapes as to fit with Mooms model and focus more on the animation. The box lid was quite difficult, as the lid needed to close, and the pivot was centred in the shape so when I rotated the lid, it would only cover half of the box. In order to solve this problem I used the shortcut key 'd' which allowed me to only move the pivot point. After moving the pivot to the bottom of the shape, I was able to create a smooth close of the lid. I also encountered this problem with the doll as it needed to disappear as the lid closes, after moving the pivot point to the bottom the doll's feet I was able to rotate and translate it as the lid touches the doll.

I accidentally put the last few key frames for the dolls spin too close together which makes her spin from a normal pace to a frantic spin just before the lid closes. I actually quite liked the effect it made as the scene involves Moom listening to the music and not liking what he hears he shuts the lid close. I felt that the frantic animation of the doll could possibly add to the humour of the scene as the doll realises that Moom is going to close the lid. To add to this I would need to speed up the audio as the doll speeds up.

I struggled with moving Mooms arm to make it follow and appear as if it was closing the lid; the inbetween made Mooms arm phase through the box lid. I realised that this was due to the rotation of Mooms shoulder rigging, as the rigging wasn't completely straight on, the arm had to rotate to fit the end keyframe that was straight on. I fixed this problem by moving Mooms shoulder and elbow joint slightly and adding another key frame inbetween, which made the movement seem smoother.
I wanted to Mooms hand to hold the top of the lid, so I edited the pivot of the fingers using the channel box. This worked well as it made it seem that Moom was pushing the lid to close.

I still need to animate the rest of Mooms body to make him more interesting and have some character to the animation.

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