Monday, 20 October 2014

Storyboarding Moom

With the particular lyrics that I had chosen, I felt that from the ideas that I had chosen the idea involving a toy shop would work best with the 'Whats this?' 'I want it for my own' 'there's music everywhere' would work well with a child character within a toy shop looking at the merchandise.
When storyboarding the narrative for the lyrics, I considered the angle and lyric that would be said in that particular frame, I wanted the lyrics to work with the items and surroundings that Moom would be situated in. I considered the exaggerated actions that Moom would make as a child character when interacting with objects, such as spinning or running to the next range of toys, and raising arms in excitement. I also thought about how he would react to certain objects such as delight when seeing soft toys and possibly revolting at the sight of musical toys.

The surroundings for the animation could possibly be in the same style as Pocoyo, a childrens show that was created using 3D software, such as Maya or 3D Max. The style of the animation is simple and minimalistic but fun and engaging through the design of the characters, the objects they interact with and the exaggerated animation. I could use this style and adopt it within a closed space to create the appearance of a shop, in which Moom could possibly burst through the front door.


I began storyboarding by quickly drawing the first idea that popped into my head, Moom spins around the shop whilst looking at toys in the shop and slips on a banana and crashes into a few of the items. As much as I liked this idea I felt that I could develop this idea further and add some humour into the animation. After jotting a few more ideas down I thought about including a parent in the scene, Mother Moom, who could be a duplicate of Moom but with lipstick. Mother Moom could make a cameo at the end of the animation and tell Moom that he cant have anything.

I decided to go with the idea of Moom being a child, and looking at toys with in a toy shop, and as he prances and spins around the shop, he finds one toy that he really wants and turns to Mother Moom for approval, however he is met with a disappointing 'no'. I felt that the lyrics for "Whats this?" would work really well for the idea, as Moom can question and observe the toys as he looks around, and the rest of the lyrics would work well with props such as a music box and a few toys, with a fun background in which can relate with 'the sights the sounds, they're everywhere and all around' - which would work well with Moom spinning to and from different objects as he explores the space.

Initial ideas
Thumbnail sketches of possible narrative
I then made thumbnail sketches for the narrative that I chose, considering the camera shots that I wanted to include in the animation. I wanted the camera angles to emphasize the emotion that moom would be portraying, for instance moom makes an angry face and to enhance this using an angled camera looking up at his face. I wanted to start the animation with Moom gasping as if he has seen something of interest, a possible zoom in from a medium shot.

Storyboard 1 
Storyboard 2
Storyboard 3
 In the storyboards I tried to consider the exaggerated poses that Moom could possibly have, creating dramatic postures for a normal movement was a challenge but quite fun to draw. I need to keep in mind how well this will translate in the video reference, as some will help to inform the movements that I record however the frame with moom and his mother may have to be changed due to the angle. I believe that having mother moom next to moom as he holds the toy in the air, and having it pan to mother moom as she refuses to buy him anything.

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