Monday, 20 October 2014

Responsive - Overview Notes

A chance to collaborate with other students, focus on certain parts of animation, storyboarding and character design. Choose a set of briefs that suit you.

5A4 - Research content for the brief, audience, visual research, primary and secondary, contextual research - this is at least 1/4 of the module assessment
5B3 - Generation of ideas - concepts - processes, mock up pitch boards and proposal boards, if creating consumer products.
5C3 - Identify briefs - allows you to explore your art discipline.
5D3 - Time management, time it takes to develop a body of work - making the most of your time - quality finished work - resources, workshops - consider live briefs - forces you to make work for a tight schedule, documentation through blog - engaging with other clients - networking, evaluation.
Any other live competitions or collaborations can be included in this.

Identify roles of people - using strengths of each person to create the best work. - Presentations - pitching, something that is marketable - how we can prepare for later working life - something sustainable.

Interim Crit 22/1/2015

Study brief 1 - Individual practice, a minimum of 5 substantial briefs, these can be made up of small commissions or competition works, for example loop de loop, could enter the competition once a week till the module brief ends, these collectively can make 1 substantial brief.
- If you're given a small client based commission, you could build on top of this by designing mock up products, such as, client asks for a birthday card, build on top of this by designing gift wrapping, gift bags, balloons, bunting.
- These 5 need to be significant - could have another 2 for illustration based briefs? Qwertee - design a t-shirt design? could enter the competition once a week to build up a body or work. Good practice for short deadlines.

Project report - evaluation of the module as a whole. - what did you gain from this? how did this effect your working practice - why this specific brief? Read the terms and conditions of the live briefs - agre the work load - any competitions that ask to sign or not blog about it talk with the tutors - Keep copies of your work - mail it to yourself as the postage stamp stands as evidence of date in the court of law. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE - as it will become invalid evidence.

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