Saturday, 25 October 2014

Keep on Truckin' - adding colour

When adding colour in Maya, there are already premade shades, Blinn, Phong, PhongE and Lambert, from these you can edit the colour, light and texture of the polygon. However I learned to always assign a new shader to the polygon, as it is easier to edit and change textures.

There are a few ways to add colour to the selected polygon, such as:

+ Using Hypershade - Hypershade allows you to save shaders that you have made and apply to more than one polygon at once.

+ Assign new material - by right clicking on the polygon, you can choose a shader and then in the attributes menu you can change the colour. You can also select a texture for the polygon by clicking on the checked box next to the colour scroll. Depending on which basic shader that you use for the polygon, it will create a basic shine to the object. I found that by adding a contrasting colour for the spectral colour helps to make the polygon look as if it has been stylized with a cartoony or painted appearance.
Colour attributes
 Adding textures - much like the colour menus - I found adding textures more complicated due to how it was difficult to see the texture without rendering it first, and moving the texture to better suit the polygon still seems like an impossible task. I did experiment however with the mountain texture for the terrain and realised that I could change the rotation of the texture on the second tab on the attribute menu.

I found that you could also add your own files for textures as well as, however I have yet to be able to change the size of the texture with in the polygon, as a solution to this problem, I created another cube shape in which I added to the lorry and then merged this with the side of the lorry.

Lorry - Coloured

Final rendered image

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