Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ideas and Prop design

I started thinking about the objects that Moom would be interacting with in the animation. As the setting would be in a toy store, I considered what items would work well with the lyrics in the song that I had chosen for the module. The lyrics include "Music in the air" which made me think about incorporating a musical toy, possibly a toy bear that says something when you squeeze the paw or a music box. I felt that a music box would be more appropriate to work with in terms of ideas and how Moom would be able to interact with it, open and close the lid, follow the turn of the doll etc. I also felt that I would be able to possibly create a few funny moments with the music box, such as having Moom close the box as he doesn't like the sound of the music, or winding up the box so the doll spins faster.

I then thought about what else Moom would interact with in the animation; I needed another toy in which Moom would hold up and then turn to his parent to ask for the toy. I wanted this toy to be shown at the beginning in which Moom then turns back for as he has decided what he wants. I decided to use a teddy bear and use a squeak noise when Moom picks the toy up as to add personality to the object. When Moom holds this teddy bear I will need to look into locators as to ensure that the movement of both the object and Moom move smoothly.

I considered how I would define the parent for Moom in the animation, 'Mother Moom'. As I can't change the proportions of Mooms body to exaggerate the waist or legs, I thought about props that would make Moom look like a woman. I felt that adding lips and possibly some eye lashes would work well, I could create these using the 'create polygon tool' , and I add a handbag to the model as to help show that she is Mooms Mother. I thought about the body language that would help give her personality, such as putting her hand on her hips and moving her hip to one side.

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