Sunday, 12 October 2014

Maya Basics: Initial Notes

+ To create a new project - File, Project window - save the location to desktop as it is easier to organise and transfer to hard drives. Maya will make the folder for you.
+  Ensure that you have a mouse with a wheel button as it is a vital part of using Maya.
+ Go to the panels option - Orthographic and select the facial view which will allow you to change the position of the facial features.
+ Press 'z' to undo
+ To move around the canvas hold down 'alt' and middle click
+ To rotate the canvas view hold down 'alt' and left click
+ To zoom into the canvas hold down 'alt' and right click
+ To fit the canvas into the frame press 'a'
+ To fit the selected object into the frame press 'f'

+ Tool bar (main tools used):
   - Translate tool - Moves the selected object, shortcut 'w'
   - Rotate tool - Rotates the selected object, shortcut 'e'
   - Size tool - Increases and decreases the size of the object, shortcut 'r'
+ Hold down the space bar for the quick menu,

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