Sunday, 16 November 2014

Development work - Expressions of moom

Using inspiration from character expressions and body languages from animated films and character sheets, I started to draw moom and mother moom to gain an understanding of how I can exaggerate the facial expressions to give the model a personality and characteristics. I thought about dramatically lowering his jaw when laughing or shocked, moving his eye brows higher than they normally would be; using influence from old fashioned cartoons much like Tom and Jerry, and Road Runner. I also considered the expressions that mother moom would have to show her characteristics in the acting up animation. I felt that the lipstick on the sketches that I made would work well in the final product, helping to define that the model is different to moom. I wanted mother moom to look like she had no interest in what moom wanted at the shop, by which I could show through her facial expressions and body language; hips tilted to one side and looking moody, exaggerating the eyebrows and hands to hips.

I thought about the poses that moom would have in the maya animation, what one of the key frames for the spins, rubbing his eyes and turning to the camera dramatically, would look like. Sketching these poses out helped me to consider how I would begin to reference using myself as a model for the reference material that I would use whilst animating the final product.

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