Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Considering briefs - notes - Syfy

YCN - Syfy Competition

Proposal - Open brief - Advertise the Syfy brand, not just the program content, attracting a wider audience.

+ As much as I love the sound of this brief, the brief even states its increase in competition, it wants to stand out from the other high market channels, this in itself isn't a problem, however the addition of the open brief suggests that they don't know what they specifically want. I can interpret this in my own way - create idents, character designs, storyboards for possible narratives - however one final thing would not help them promote their brand that well, they need market design - posters, billboards, magazine advert, bus banners etc.

+ Previous idents - minimalistic - use of one tonal colour and white, I found these quite plain and not that relevant to the programming content or what the brand are - Film and 3D - film idents are quite busy - alot happening in each frame with the use of VFX.

+ What they want - reading the brief they are out of date, not many viewers are regulars - needs promotion -animation - ident can be used across channels - needs to be something that promotes the brand, not just the content - content changes all the time, need to be generic imagery associated with typical sci-fi themes and the Syfy brand. - If an ident, being 5-10 seconds, would have to create more than one? Create a narrative through these - have a character(s) resemble the audience watching the Syfy channel? Walking through each stereotypical scene with sci-fi themes, supernatural, horror, extraterrestrial, superheros etc. Show four characters watching the show in their own homes, have them stereotypically show sides of sci fi from their appearance and look of the room, each character could then turn on tv, tablet, mobile, computer to watch the channel - show off the logo in the screen.

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