Friday, 7 November 2014

Interim Crit

The Interim Crit helped me with sorting out my performance and my animatic. I recorded more performance footage as the previous recording was extremely pixellated and incredibly small, so recording the key frames again really helped with my storyboards and animatic. I wasn't sure whether or not my performance was not exaggerated enough as the whole module is focused on the animation, and through feedback the movements were exaggerated but still have room to emphasise the poses with squash and stretch. I feel like the facial expressions are key for this animation as well as, and through study task 3 I was able to create fun and dramatic faces which really helped me when thinking about movement and how Moom, and Mother Moom would react.

The feedback from the interim crit helped me to visualise what the background could be like for the animation, in my animatic I left the space plain with a light blue hue with ideas of using image planes for the backgrounds, which could consist of a bright and colourful scenery however I wasn't sure if the 2D image would work well with Moom with him being 3D. I considered possible making parts of the image 3D, for instance have a few shelfs and tables emit from the scenery to tie it in, I need to experiment with this. Another idea from feedback for backgrounds could possibly be using simple Maya shapes to create a wall with a window or something similar with a colour scheme that could fit a toy shop like atmosphere. I also need to consider the lighting, how dramatic if any or how soft the atmosphere needs to be.

Through feedback, I found that a potential problem could possibly be copying the movement of the film from which I chose the lyrics from, Nightmare Before Christmas, as the characters in the stop motion film have extremely exaggerated movements to match the bizarre personalities and appearances of each character. I feel that I can avoid this by ensuring that I use my own reference when animating Moom, and sticking to the scenario I have created in the storyboards.

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