Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Considering briefs - notes - Digital Cinema Media

D&DA New Blood competition - DCM Show the emotion of film

Creative Challenge - Create a 25 second ident for Digital Cinema Media.

+ Visually show 'how film feels', an impact on the audience before they view the film, 'Something that illustrates and celebrates the emotion we all feel when we take our seats and enter the magical world of the movies', 'Turn your ideas into screen icons'. Able to use a broad range of ideas and media.

+ Practice for working in different measurements, creating an ident which suits all audiences, needs to be suitable for a younger and older audience - a challenge through the shape of the ident, animate through the logo shape or animate around the shape?

+ Initial Ideas - animate different stereotypical emotions through the logo, show someone jump from seat with popcorn flying everywhere, someone holding anothers hand, someone making 'kung-fu' gestures, someone crying with laughter etc. Show character designs and possible narratives through storyboards.
-  A character puts on some 3D glasses in the shape of DCM logo, and see stereotypical scenes of genres through these glasses.
- Represent emotions through the use of the logo being a character with expressions.

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