Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Considering briefs - Notes - Alice in Wonderland

YCN competition briefs - Alice and Wonderland book illustrations

Proposal - create new illustrations Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the 150 year anniversary for MacMillan Children's Books.  Create a book cover and up to two illustrations of your choice from the book. - Target Market - Family audience - aimed at children but also at collectors.

+ Looking at the majority of illustrations associated with Alice and Wonderland, they are quite detailed - dip pen quality, crosshatch and use of pastel/desaturated coloured illustrations. John Tenniel prints.

+ Making it different - simplistic shapes? merged with detail to refer to the old prints? could also create cut out illustrations, much like the PS3 game 'Madness Returns'. Consideration of typography - serif or script?  Use of one colour - tonal or gradient, limited colour scheme? The use of less colours could refer to the old original prints.

+ Animation, make a book advertisement or Qr codes? Qr codes - use app on phone to view animation from the illustration on the book cover - How popular are Qr codes? possibly a dying trend, narrowing the audience, cost, how easy can these be made? - Could have a password hidden in the illustration which the audience can type into the MacMillan website and enter the code to view the animation - an embedded vimeo link? - the password idea is more realistic compared to the Qr code as then the audience wont be narrowed down.

Alice in Wonderland - Madness Returns
+ Quickly sketched directly in ink, the character 'Alice', using simple shapes and slight detail - felt too boring and simple - not aesthetically pleasing - doesnt catch the viewers eyes. Consider more detail - use of silhouettes and possibly a detailed/ornate vignette frame? Consider background in which the character is situated in - The iconic scene of Alice talking to the Cheshire Cat in the forest, have the QR or password hidden among the branches?

Quick sketches - making Alice a child figure

Quick initial sketches

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