Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Brief analysis - Questions

MacMillans Children's Books - create new illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's 150th anniversary year.

5 most important words:
Lewis Carroll/John Tenniel

Reasoning: When I think of Alice in Wonderland, I immediately picture John Tenniel's prints, the detail and simple layout, dip pen/ wood print quality and this to me is iconic. The books narrative is fantasy based with the bizarre world and creatures that Alice encounters, and is aimed at a children target market internationally.

5 most important considerations:
Target Audience
Iconic Image - Needs to be recognizable
Form of animation
150 years promotion

Reasoning: It is vital that the illustrations can be recognized as Alice in Wonderland without even reading the title, meaning the illustrative style needs to take the iconic designs and make them into something new, using different forms of media and hit the target audience that the brief wants with in the consumer market. The form of animation that I could use needs to be considered as it is aimed at a specific audience, for example a sketchy experimental animation would not appeal to the target market that MacMillan want.

5 related products or items:Tea

5 related places:
Book shops
Disney Stores
Whittards Stores
Costume Shops

Who is the audience?
Brief aims at 5-9 year olds and gift givers such as grandparents, parents etc.

Who should the audience be?
In my opinion the audience needs to be one which would attract a young audience yet appeal more to an older audience, mums and dads who would buy the books for their children.

Who could the audience be?
Art students, collectors, older generation, teenagers.

What do they do?
Based in school work, everyday jobs, people who buy for their children or simply for themselves or as gifts.

What do they want to be?
Read to children, collecting books, gift giving.

Think about the consequences of having the same ideas as others - pros and cons:
Two sides - Panic - Your ideas could be the same as someone else's that could already be on the market, meaning more competition and possible copyright issues, will your ideas be seen from the rest of the crowd?
Relief - Your ideas are on the right track, you know your ideas are valid to the brief and can work on them more to get your ideas seen from the rest.

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