Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Animatic and Audio

To make the animatic, I used after effects to put the imagery together and change the duration of how long each of the images would be shown as I recorded the audio. I found that recording the audio as I watched the timing of the images in after effects, helped me to visualise how the sound would work with Mooms movements with in the possible motion of the animatic. I changed the duration of each image to last longer for time for the movement to play out with the audio that had been recorded. With this length of time, it gave me a good idea of how long the final animation would be, with room for extra movement or added background sounds.

I created the final animatic using premiere. I chose to use premiere as it allows you to easily edit both the audio and the image sequence that I had created for the animatic. I could also easily switch to soundbooth from Premiere to edit the audio by reducing noise or adjusting the pitch. I recorded the audio using audacity as it allowed me to export the audio as either an mp3 or wav file which I needed to import to both premiere and maya.

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