Monday, 3 November 2014

Responsive - picking apart a brief

After we had made lists with the whole group in which we understood what we aim to achieve from this module, we moved to looking at previous briefs that had been entered into a student competition, we were given three different briefs to look at, in my case the Morrison brief. We were asked to find the problems with this brief.

The Morrison brief asked for a new shopping experience that would introduce new technology to draw in the new generation, aimed at teens and students, but also keeping in mind not to alienate the target audience that they already have. Already the problem with this brief was the introduction of new technology to bring in a whole new target audience, the problem with this new technology is that it will alienate the target consumers that they already have.

From the three different briefs the whole group were given we made general points that affected each of the briefs:

Proposal - what does the brief want you to do?
+ Produce a Product
+ Visual Concept
+ Persuade through a campaign

Achieve - what the outcome need to be able to do
+ Publicise their Brand
+ Expand their audience
+ Return Customers
+ Attract Kids
+Edge over competition
+ More customers

Problem - What is wrong with the brief?
+ People don't know about us!
+ Multiple Audiences (we don't know who they are)
+ Fun not serious
+ We don't know what we want!
+ Pretty but Pragmatic
+ We are dull and out of date
+ Adding value

When analyzing briefs, these points will help me to understand what the brief specifically wants, be aware of any problems in the brief and create an outcome that would work well for the client and their audiences.  For example in the Morrison brief, they wanted to attract a new generation of consumers, in hopes of this generation they want new technology to attract them, however the constant audience for Morrisons will not want a complicated shopping trip that involves the state of the art technology to help their shopping experience. This will most likely result in losing this target market. The brief also states that it wants to be fun and not serious, however when you do go shopping you just want to buy the food you need, you don't go there for fun.

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