Friday, 21 February 2014

Western Cartoon Title sequences

The Gravity Falls title sequence is different compared to other titles that I have looked at through how only the main title and the names of the characters names, not what actors are starring with in the animation. The animation is made up of different scenes that the characters interact with, these scenes are placed together through camera angles, zooming out or with the character walking off the frame. This title sequence inspires me through the detail of the backgrounds and the style of animation which differ but work well together. The audience can automatically tell that the episode is aimed at children through the appearance of the characters, the small introductions which show the personalities and role that each would play with in the series.

This title sequence starts with the main title and introduces the characters separately with a different colour as to represent them, with the character action being small. Through this I can tell that it is aimed at a young audience through the stylisation and the individual introductions of the characters. The animation then cuts to silhouettes as if caught in a film strip, with each image moving, this works well as it has shows off the action genre that the episode would entail. This then blends into still imagery that slightly moves and seems to collide as a dragon illustration engulfs and curls up on the scene. The use of the silhouettes relate to my initial ideas with the Sandman Titles, through the use of the outline of the character moving, which I could adapt with using more than one outline of the figure moving at once on the frame.

The Martin Mystery title sequence uses alot of panning as it moves from one scene to another, with extreme close ups and long shots, that emphasise the genre of the series, sci-fi and mystery. The main title is shown at the end of the sequence which is first hidden by slime before it slithers off the font, this links well to the appearing 'starring' credits through out the animation as it takes the same appearance.
The title sequence is inspiring through the use of colours and how the presentation and composition of the characters tells the viewer that is for a slightly older, young audience. The use of the audio makes it very eerie and sci-fi atmosphere matched to the monsters that appear throughout the title sequence.

The Teen Titans title sequence, is simple and relates to the Xiaolin Showdown opening through the use of colour and small sequence of each character as they are introduced. However this opening is different through how the characters follow the words of the main title which the opening zooms out to view the full text as the vocals sing "Teen Titans". It also varies with the camera shots, though it mainly starts with an extreme close up and medium shot.

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