Monday, 10 February 2014

Beginning to design - Simon Prades

I began to research into illustrators that I already knew and loved, James Jean and Tomer Hanuka, and stumbled across the work of Simon Prades. I loved how the outline of the character was simply used as a container for the detail of a landscape or another image with it. I began generating ideas in which I could further develop this into the Sandman Overture titles, for instance having the outline for each character and having a landscape that portrays the chosen character, which would move with in the lineart, whether the media used drips and fills in the landscape seen in the Sherlock Holmes title sequence, and as this happens the original character outline moves along the screen or does a certain action.

Prades work reminded me of multiple exposure photography such as the work of Dan Mountford.
Mountford merges a landscape with in the image of a person, making them look distorted and disturbed through the formation of the individual parts of the landscape, such as buildings as they take over facial features. My favourite piece of Mountfords work, is an image that depicts an outline of a hand and with in that hand you can see someone covering their face with their hands, their eye staring back at you. The piece has a monotone approach giving an emphasis on the dark atmosphere, in my opinion it feels suffocating through the confinements and restriction of the shape of the hand.

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