Saturday, 8 February 2014

Exploring the colour of noise

The group, Mr Kaplin, created a motion capture animation that shows the relationship bewteen black and white noise exclusively for IdN magazine. Mr Kaplin were contracted by IdN magazine to create a short film for their motion gallery, running with the theme of black and white. The group wanted to make something experimental and decided to research into the colour spectrum of sound, resulting in the final animation.

'We wanted to find a way to capture the color of noise visually, displaying white noise as a constant frequency and the peaks and spikes of black noise within the sound spectrum. We started testing how audio spikes affect geometry in 3d software and by using constraints (or dynamic ropes) we found we could emphasise the pulling and pushing of the audio movement through negative space. This became our style for film.' - Mr Kaplin - Daniel Zucco

I found this motion capture video quite interesting through the portrayal of the differing noises forming bubbles and circles around the frame of the actor and both moving depending on the increase and decrease of the music. The lines connecting them, remind me of thread.

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