Sunday, 9 February 2014

Choosing a concept for my brief

Initial Ideas 
From the previous blog, I narrowed down the selection of ideas to two of the books/graphic novels, and created ideas from these.

Graphic Novel/Manga

Sandman Overture -

  • Use the dream like states that the comic absorbs, close up of the gas mask, mainly a black background with shapes shifting in and out of focus.
  • Use close ups and extreme long shots of scenes and concept art, possibly make it seem as if played on old fashioned film, set in monotone with certain hues used to portray that particular character, use like a static overlay over the animation to get that old film look. 
  • Use the panel layout in the comics, and run through certain scenes to portray characters and landscapes throughout the sequence.

  • Use the traditional monotone format of the illustrations and create a paper cut out animation, using panning and multiplane camera to create depth and smooth movement.
  • Could have a character running though spiral shapes, each containing a small scene from the manga, use of only one hue to make more dramatic.
  • Could use a manga panel page and have characters moving to the next panel, breaking out into colour.

Oyster Boy

  • Using a childrens drawing approach, with a mixture of bright and pastel colouring, have the characters walk through the titles, with the background image changing from day to night. 
  • Use a traditional media approach, using a desaturated watercolour fill and dip pen outline, having the characters spell out the cast and the producers. 

Edge Chronicles

  • Use the text of the chapter alongside the illustrations as they move alongside the text with in the titles.
  • Use dip pen for the lineart, with a slightly desaturated fill, painted landscape, using panning as it shows the world and the characters. 

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