Friday, 21 February 2014

Adventure Time Titles

The Adventure Time title sequence starts with a slow introduction to the music and panning/zooming through different landscapes that show other characters before reaching the main characters, Finn and Jake. The style of the characters and the background show that the cartoon is aimed at a young audience along with an adult one through the humour that is portrayed in episodes following the titles. I find the title sequence inspiring through the use of the camera movement as it pans around the world and straight into the main characters den, which transitions to the next scene as they bump fists.
The animation uses an acoustic music track that works well with the introduction of the main characters and explains the main theme of the series.

Many artists have made fan based art of the show and some commissions have been made to make another version of the title sequence, such as the title sequence being entirely made out of Lego. I found this interesting through how the Lego stop motion was matched with footage for the sky and parts of the background. The lighting of the animation is dark to begin with but brightens as it crosses over to the ice kingdom.

Another fan based animation, involves the characters being made from a square with designs being made from which. Each character can be easily recognised by the design, colour and details that are added around the cube. I found this inspiring through the graphic stylisation to the animation along with the smooth transitions between each frame, which was made by using the shapes in the background, the last transition being Gunter the penguin.

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