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Brief B - Titles

Tale in the Sting - Titles

Brief B sets the task of creating one 40 second animation, that would be a title sequence for either a book, novel, manga, or graphic novel which has not been adapted into media, for example a game or television series. I need to consider the target audience, the purpose/theme of the book, the actors that I would want to be included in the titles.
I also need to ensure that I have permission to use any audio that I will include with the titles, looking into the different copyright licences and how they differ.

Considering the Concept 

Book ideas
  • Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy - A set of poems that take a dark turn from the mind of Tim Burton, The target audience is for older children, 12+, can relate to the childrens program, "Gruesome Tales for Gruesome Kids".  
  • Aesop's Fables - A collection of short moral based children stories. The target audience is for young children and can relate to the childrens program "Rupert Bear", with the different fables in each episode. 
  • Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales - Another collection of short stories, in which some have been adapted into feature animated films, such as Disney's Snow White and Little Mermaid, a feature film, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and The Brothers Grimm which uses various references to some of the stories. Some of these tales, such as Rumpelstiltskin and the Golden Goose haven't been made into any adaptation apart from slight references such as the animated film "Shrek Forever" and the television series "Once a Upon a time". The original Brother Grimm stories are extremely dark and certainly not for a young audience, in which studios have adapted such as Disney and Dreamworks to suit a young audience. I can however redesign one of these stories which haven't been adapted into media, and make them suit an older audience. 
  • Clarence Bean - A childrens book that was written by Lauren Child who also created Charlie and Lola. The story is amusing for both old and young audiences, involving spies and adventure through out the book. 
  • Edge Chronicles - Created by the same author as Middle Earth, Paul Stewart. Edge Chronicles follows a young boy wondering through the fantasy world as he searches for his family and somewhere he belongs. The book is laced with adventure and pirates.
  • Clockwork Angel - Based in a Victorian London, where people are born with abnormal powers which they use to defend normal humans from supernatural beings.
  • Mortlock - Set in a Victorian London, a dark being craves eternal life, and the whereabouts have been passed down to an orphan who earns her income as a magicians assistant. 
  • Demon Lexicon - Two Brothers who fight demons and monsters as they run away from their past. In this plot people are born with powers or make pacts with demons for powers for a limited amount of time. 

Graphic Novel/Manga ideas
  • Sandman Overture - A prequel to the Sandman comic Series. The world is in a foreboding state as the characters are introduced and the Sandman is needed. The art style is beautifully composed and structured with in the comic panels, I can use these panel layouts with in the titles sequence. Target audience 14+
  • Last Hope - A western take on Manga. A group of students find out that one of them are actually on the run from a parallel world, and his problems find them, forcing them to run by jumping across more parallel worlds. 
  • Uzumaki - A beautifully drawn horror manga that tells the story of a village where people slowly become obsessed with spiral shapes to the point of wanting to become a spiral, following a gruesome death and more horrific incidents follow.
  • Lullaby - A comic that portrays the Alice and Wonderland plot differently as it mixes other fairy tales with it, such as Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood.  

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