Monday, 10 February 2014

Beginning to design - Sunga Park

Whilst researching into Simon Prades, with the character outline and inclusion of a landscape or another image captured with in the lineart, I felt that the work of Sunga Park would inspire me with the landscape fill.
Sunga Park creates her work through the use of watercolours, ink, fineliner and a possible addition of dip pen. Her landscapes are partly drawn in detail with the ink and water colour wash depicting the rest of the image. I could visualise the ink wash slowly running through the lineart as it fills it in, and I thought that I could adapt and incorporate it into my own style and this could further influence my Sandman initial sketches. With a character outline from the Sandman Overture comic, and a ink washed based landscape or image, I could visualise both of these elements together as they both move with different actions.

In this piece Park uses a more controlled wash, as the colour stays closer to the detailed lineart, her work reminds me of the title sequence from the feature film Sherlock Holmes, through the media used. The colour used in this piece gives an aged quality to the building portrayed.

Sunga Park  - Tumblr

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