Monday, 3 February 2014

A Tale in the Sting

For our new project, I was given three choices of what brief I wanted to animate, all animations would need to be submitted at 24 fps in H264 format;
  • Brief A - Idents - Make 3 idents for 3 very different television companies, each being 10 seconds long, suiting the target audience and including the logo with in the animation or at the end. Freedom to create an animation including anything as long as it relates to what the company are.
  • Brief B - Title - Create a title sequence for a graphic novel, Manga, Journal or Book, which has not had any media adaptation. The title sequence needs to be 40 seconds long and suit the target audience.
  • Brief C - Campaign - create a 40 second charity animation for either Childline or Amnesty International. You can decide whether its directed for people to fund or at the target audience they help. 
Notes on each Brief:

- Brief A, would allow me to create these idents, gain experience with creating commercial animation, with opportunity to send the completed animation to the company with a slight possibility of it being shown on television. The type of animation can be any, I could even create an experimental animation, use mixed media, experiment with direct animation, etc.
- Brief B, would allow me to adapt a book or graphic novel into a title sequence much like the title sequences of feature film such as Paranorman, Ironman and much like the famous Saul Bass sequences, or Television titles much like Luthor, Walking Dead and Lost. Again the style of animation could be any, experimentation, digital or traditional.
- Brief C, would allow me to create a commercial based animation, gain experience with different target markets, taking into consideration of what time the campaign advert would be shown, who it is aimed at, how can you bring the message across with audio emphasising the point, or with less emphasis, hardly any audio, need to make the audience think.

At first glance of these briefs I could tell that it would be between A and B, brief C did not really appeal to me, I believe it would be experience and challenging however I don't believe that I would enjoy creating and designing the animation compared to the other briefs. Even though Brief C does allow freedom with the animation, I feel it is quite restricting through the seriousness of the topic, it would be hard to portray the message to the target market, making it suitable for most audiences and promote the charities.
Briefs A and B allow more freedom in creativity, whether its set in a dark or happy theme, with characters you have created or redesigned and adapted.

I decided to go with Brief B, I felt that this brief would allow me to challenge myself, through design and plot, with storyboarding, taking into consideration of sound and what needs to be in a title.

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