Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sketchbook and media

Here are some more drawings I have done in other sketchbooks that I have used, some relate to the projects that I am currently working on and others I have made for myself.
I tried to use more watercolour and inks as to experiment with the vibrancy and desaturated depiction that both mediums can create, (I wanted to give my drawings more of an atmosphere with other media rather than just a HB pencil and fineliner).
Using watercolour helped to give depth and live to the imagery that I had drawn. I enjoy working with watercolours as it instantly can change the atmosphere of the piece, it can desaturate creating a dismal piece or saturate it to give it a more positive edge.

Inspired by Alice and Wonderland, using watercolours and graphite
A sketch daily drawing for twitter that I never got round to finishing,
created using Photoshop.

I have also been working on page illustrations for a book, Celestia Tales written by Debora Foulkes, the book was put on hold for a while, so have been gradually planning the rest of the pages designs, (I really need to catch up with the drawings though as book is ready to print now par my illustrations).

Character page for Author of Celestia Tales
WIP - Character page for Author of Celestia Tales

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