Sunday, 16 March 2014

Moleskine scans

Here are the first few drawings that I created in my Moleskine, (unfortunately only the first page of the book would take marker pen as the following pages were very thin and could only take fineliner and graphite. So I have worked in other sketchbooks as well as, that can take other media.)
I wanted to try and get away from my usual illustrative style that has absorbed the manga/anime proportions and detail and try and bring it back to a mixture of western and anime format.
I found it hard trying to steer away from that style as I automatically sketch in the anime based style that I have obtained, to help me steer away from this I began drawing different characters such as Pendleton Wards Finn and Jake, and DC's Robin, which began to help me think of how to redesign facial structures and simplify the anatomy.

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