Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ryan Larkin

Ryan Larkin is an Canadian animator who is well known for his animations "Walking" and "Street Musique" and is regarded as an Avant-Gardist in animation, inspiring animators today.

Larkin's 'Walking' is an animation that uses mixed media, such as watercolour and scratchy lines made with fineliner and graphite which form to depict characters walking as they merge into one another through perspective and angles. The characters are all locked with in a walk cycle par from a few images that show crowds intrigued by the walking movements. Larkin manages to character different variations of the human form, depicting this in mixed media that emits differing atmospheres to the audience. For instance, one of the walk cycles involves a negative of a figure with watercolour and ink showing this empty space, and the atmosphere from this can be interpreted into alienation or depression through the void left without any description, any information of detail.

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