Sunday, 16 March 2014

360 animation

For the You Spin Me Right Round task, I decided to animated my doll which was simple in shape, but had detail and was interesting with the square shapes that were the arms of the doll as this was a challenge ensuring that the perspective was the same as the doll. This also gave me the chance to shade in the animation as to experiment with the light direction upon the doll as it rotates; I shaded the lineart as I wanted to add volume and weight to the object. I purposely placed the doll lower than my eye level, so that I could draw the doll in a slight downwards perspective as to challenge myself further, rather than draw at a straight eye level perspective.

I really enjoyed this task as it was different compared to the computer generated animations that I have been creating lately, it made a change using paper and pencil to animate and I want to try and animate, even if it is only another 12 images animation, in my own time to develop my skills using this technique.

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