Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sandman design development part 2

Using inspiration from the artist Sunga Park, I began to draw within water colour brush strokes, depicting part of a landscape from the comic that would portray the lineart characters that would be designed in a white out appearance. This worked well through how it made the desaturated colour from the watercolour seem like you are viewing the image from a window. However I felt that the image seemed flat, in the sense that their was no depth, no shade or anything to make it standout, in which I can solve this problem by using charcoal to add shade and also add more colour to the watercolour to emphasise the dream like state that the Sandman comic is shrouded in.

I then experimented with drawing a character with out sketching in graphite and painting directly with watercolour, it was difficult to know whether I would make a line thicker than another and potentially ruin the perspective of the piece, however I enjoyed making the lineart. The negative of a figure worked well as it gained an eerie atmosphere and matched that window like view with the previous watercolour images.
I then merged both the lineart of a character and the watercolour landscape adding more colour to the landscape than the watercolour experiments. This worked well as the white out lineart contrasts well with the desaturated colours of the landscape; the figure becomes this window as we see the landscape.
I believe that the desaturated colours work with the imagery compared to bright vivid hues because it fits with the theme of Sandman. If I was to use vivid colours it would add a different light to the imagery and would not fit with the Sandman appearance, however if I was to add small amounts of bright colours to the watercolour and have it absorb the desaturated hues it would work well with the dream like world with in the title sequence. 

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