Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Puppet and rhythm sketches

I enjoyed sketching these compositions in the theme of puppet on a string and rhythm as it made me focus on the main shape of the pose and not consider the detail, I thought of it as recording movement than trying to draw well in that short amount of time.
Using charcoal, pencil and marker pen were the best mediums to use as it allowed me to record the movement and add a tone to the piece, for instance if the model was looking down I would be able to smudge the charcoal to give shading to the face, to give the illusion of the model looking down with in the sketch.

I added a diluted purple liquid acrylic to highlight some of the poses which
I thought were dynamic to show the volume of the piece. I preferred the stance
which was couched down and another which was half knelt, about to stand back up pose.
These both differed in atmosphere but worked better with the addition of the purple tint.

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