Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Long and short poses

For the long pose I had 20-30 minutes to draw the pose, which felt more relaxed than the previous quick sketches. I mainly drew in graphite using a range from B-6B for shade; I used graphite as I felt that I would still be able to maintain a level of detail rather than using charcoal or pastels to draw in.

For this pose I focused more on the curves and contours of the
body and began to shade to give volume to the figure. I
felt that this was my favourite composition through both the pose
of the model and the proportion that I had used.
For this pose I just could not get her legs right, the perspective was hard to
sketch as her right leg was at an angle which when drawing the leg made
it hard to gain the right length and attach this to the main body. However
I do like the torso and head of the drawing as the perspective works well
and the addition of detail is semi-realistic. It was interesting to draw her hands
as they were both at different angles, and I felt I drew them well, considering
I normally run away from drawing hands.
For this piece, I felt that I got the perspective right however
I made the head too big and which effected the legs, making them look
short. I added depth to the image by tinting the image with a purple
liquid acrylic which worked well as the colour didn't take away
from the piece but highlighted and emphasised the figures pose.
I didn't really like this piece through the proportion of her head to her body,
again I made her head bigger than her body. I do however feel that the figures
proportion and perspective works well.
For the next set of images, I had to draw with in the time limit of 5-10 minutes of poses that involved a push or pull force. Having this time limit made me capture the main shapes of the figure more than I did for the long pose, having this time limit made me draw faster maintaining a figure that worked well with the model in mind. I believe if I had forced myself to draw the main body of the long poses with in 5-10 minutes of the time limit I would have produced a better perspective.

This composition works well as I was able to maintain perspective
however I felt that I drew the figure too small, which is partly due to how
far away I was from the model, If I had drawn closer I could have added more
detail, but I still believe that the piece works well as the figure still obtains
contours with in the pose.
I added a blue pastel to this pose as to capture the main structure of the pose,
the arch of the models back and to give depth/volume to the figure.
I prefer this design to the rest of the push and pull compositions
as the blue shade emphasises the curves and volume of the body.
I added pastel to this pose as I wanted to show the direction of the light; I used pastel
as I felt that it was the best medium to use that was soft and would work with the main flow of the
contours of the body. I liked this composition as I had kept the proportion however I had to draw the left
foot after the 5 minute time limit, which meant that I had to guess the placement of the foot.
This piece works well through the slight shading and use of shape that
shows the contours of the body well.

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