Monday, 9 December 2013

Mouse visual research

For the new task set, I was given a word, mouse, in which I had to draw a set of 32 images that would represent this word. Immediately I researched into images of mouses and animated versions of mouses, such as An American tail and Basil: The Great Mouse Detective.

I realised that there was quite alot of variations of animated mouses including CG and 2-D animation, along with Disneys The Rescuers and the teapot mouse in Alice in Wonderland, Ratatouille, Stuart Little, Mouse Hunt and the Itchy and Scratchy sketch from The Simpsons animation; the character of a mouse is either depicted with simple lines which would be aimed at a young audience or gain detail if for an older audience, depending on the target audience.

Looking at mouses in real life, the eyes are relatively large for the size of the head and are black, with only four teeth and quite long whiskers. I found an image of an owl about to capture this mouse and the size of the mouse compared to the owl was enormous, the mouse was smaller than the size of its claw. It made me think of drawing a mouse in the corner of the panel in an extreme long shot to emphasise how small the animal actually is.

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