Tuesday, 10 December 2013

No Turning Back

No Turning Back - Sarah Blasko from Hornet Inc on Vimeo.

Another aesthetically stunning animation that I believe used a mixture of pose to pose and straight ahead processes that holds a tactile illustrative style. I love the use of the secondary actions with in the animation that can be seen as after the anticipation of the movement of the wolf as it runs, for example the hat on the characters head. It gives an appeal that makes it more lovable and aesthetically pleasing. The secondary action is subtle and does not take the attention away from the main focus of the short.

The music starts with a strong beat of a drum, before the vocals start, the vocals are softer compared to the harsh drum. The music reminds me of someone marching, through the use of the drum, and the piano reminds me of an old style cartoon which uses the lower keys to emphasise the villains creep and footsteps as they near the main character. The music fits the video through the use of a surreal and fantasy based format of the animation, and the main beat of the song starts to portray a form of confidence which is shown in the characters as they continue to run forward through the changing landscapes.

The video inspired me through the use of the audio added to the short. As the audio is a music track, it was interesting to see how the animation responded to it, for example when the music quietened down to focus more on the vocals, the animation took to the sea and when they landed back on to land, the music picked up the strong drum beat and the characters began to run again.

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