Thursday, 26 December 2013

Avatar : Legend of Korra

I recently watched Avatar: The Legend of Korra which contained a flashback to the very first Avatar, a being that can control the main four elements, fire, wind, water and earth.

The flashback was portrayed in a gorgeous traditional Japanese inspired art, which can be seen in the quality of line, colour and structure of the object drawn.  It made me think about the variation of line I could achieve by using different brushes and mixed media to portray the object I have drawn in a certain atmosphere or age. I felt I could achieve the same quality of the traditional style by using ink and a soft wash of watercolour to gain that aged feel to the images.

Merging this style with an american cartoon/anime character design worked surprisingly well and helped the plot with the portrayal of the era it was situated in which was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, from the movement of the clouds to the movement of water and fire. 

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