Thursday, 26 December 2013

Disney - Treasure Planet Backgrounds

Treasure Planet has always been one of my favourite films which has inspired me through its beautiful illustrative backgrounds and character designs. The backgrounds hold a painted feel to it, which can be seen through the soft blur on the reflections and shading.

The backgrounds needed to contain a futuristic yet aged twist to link with the pirate theme, they achieved this by using a tudor structure with the houses, the wooden structure that decorates the exterior walls, and the use of cobbled streets. The main town/city in which they situate in, shows the streets of houses ascending into a point, as if built on a mountain. On top of which the place is floating in the sky, which matches well with the flying pirate ships that wait at the docks.

Looking back at the art of Treasure Planet gives me inspiration for drawing different locations in which I could develop further into something that holds a futuristic twist to it or age and decay it to make it look aged. 

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