Sunday, 8 December 2013

Flash Practice

Using Flash was an interesting challenge as it used a timeline format compared to the Photoshop frame by frame process. In Flash we used the timeline, plotting where the key points of the movement were, and then adding a classic tween between the key points. This made it easier to animate a ball bouncing up and down and a pendulum.


I did find it difficult at first as to keep the shape I was using to animate, I needed to create the shape as a symbol, however I thought I had to keep adding the shape in for each key frame, which made the timeline confusing and the tweening would not tween into the next key frame. I corrected this by deleting all but one key frames, which altered the tweening and made it easier to create a functioning animation.

I then started to use Flash with different characters such as a ghost, which I used both key points and tweening to help create a smooth ease in, however the end part of the animation, where the ghost smiles, seems to still be slightly jagged, which I would improve by adding another key frame before which. This would make a smoother transition and flow better as an animation.

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