Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Using Photoshop Timeline

To create these animations, I used the program Photoshop via the timeline panel. The timeline differs from the frame by frame through essentially dragging blocks into a structure to make an animation.

The time line on photoshop reminded me of a simplified version of Premieres, however I did find the process of the timeline difficult as I found when I got the timing right, each image would take over 2 frames, which needed to be 1 frame. It was more the speed of the animation which I found difficult to achieve through Photoshop's timeline. In order to fix this, I added more frames of the same image in which to make the animation slower and run smoother, I found that this worked well for the ball animation I created.

The pendulum however moves fast but this is due to the shortness of the shape, if the pendulum was longer the speed of the image would appear slower.

The ball animation was hard at first through the difficulty of getting the speed right, however by adding more than one frame of the same image for the key frames, it slowed the animation down and made it smoother.

I then experimented with the ball sequence, to see what would happen if the ball stopped in the moving image. I felt that the ending of the ball movement worked well as it bounced slightly before it stopped. 

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