Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Bear & The Hare - Making Of

The Making Of: The Bear & The Hare from Hornet Inc on Vimeo.

I was inspired by the making of the Bear & the Hare as it was breath taking through the actual production of each frame, which was made through the use of a laser cutter to create these wood cut out illustrations, that would then be placed in a environment that has been made specifically for the short. I feel that this animation is a mix of stop motion, CG and a traditional processes, as it has that 2-D appeal with a background that is made to appear realistic.
It has inspired my own work through the use of the lighting which affects the atmosphere of the piece by making it happy and festive, with the use of sun warm like light that reflects off the snow and draws attention to the Christmas tree in the centre of the scene. It has also given me inspiration through the complexity of the environments which appear to be simple through the layer of snow that covers the landscape, however the reflection in the river of the bear character portrayed well and holds an aesthetic appeal.

In my animation, I want to simplify it as a whole, through how my first animation for the Animation Skills module, seemed to crowded and held too much colour, which I believe it did not need and would run smoother if the background was just white or even if I lowered the opacity to the environments to bring a better focus to the audience.

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