Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Extended Design: Backgrounds - Alley and 'Enclosure'

Using the techniques that I had learnt from the previous background, I began to draw the lines for the other two environments. In order to get the perspective correct, I created the environment in Maya. Using Maya really helped me to gain a better understanding of the angle and where I wanted the camera to be in the composition. From this Maya reference I used it as a draft for me to add more refined lines over the

With the perspective of the buildings, I did find it difficult to get the crosshatch to correlate with the dominant lines of the Alley - I wanted to show examples of the light and shadow in the environment however with the addition of colour and how strong it was shown in the market scene, I purposely added less crosshatch. In order to solve this problem with the perspective of the crosshatch I need go back to the original reference and redraw the crosshatch. I really want to add more tiny details to the environment, to make the background more interesting. This can mainly be seen in the poster - I wanted a cheesy poster, something that worked with the environment/culture, this could be a wanted add or advertisement that would work with the setting, or could be an advert for an animation that I have created previously, like a call back to work. This is something that I want to look into at a later date.

I wanted the Alley background to act as a transition to the 'enclosure', the environment where Dusk is introduced. I still wanted the alley to be seen in the perspective as the main character first sees the new environment. I wanted this background to be eerie and creepy to have a foreboding approach to the scene before the Dusk character is introduced.  I loved the angular approach to the branches it worked with the atmosphere that I really wanted and with the space between the trees and the grass, there was enough space to show the spyglass. The only critical points that I have with this design is the alley wall and lighting. As the alley wall is in the foreground I need to make the lines more dominant in comparison to the trees. The lighting only needs to be a slight bit softer and tinted purple to work with the later addition of colour. I also want to use different photoshop brushes for ground as it worked quite well for the market scene ground.

The Alley


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