Friday, 11 March 2016

Extended Design: Animatic

For my animatic I used my storyboard frames to gain a better understanding of the timing with the story and script that I created for the animation. The first animatic was only a minute long as I wanted to quickly use my rough thumbnails for the first scene to send to my musician and voice actor. I sent this version as a quick up date so that there was something for them to both gain reference from.

As I continued to create my animatic with the rest of the acts, I realised just how much I had actually storyboarded. I had storyboarded over 5 minutes with the amount of interaction I wanted for the main character with the environment and the characters. However I loved the first act. The first act introduced the setting and the characters personality, how much he loves shiny things and how bad luck seems to follow him everywhere. I liked how the main character, Cy, stayed at one stall to inspect an object before realising how terrible the item actually was, this shows that he has knowledge of this and that he isn't a thief, he had a purpose for looking at the market stall, a traveling merchant.

Unfortunately I had to prioritize as I knew that the animation had to be 3 mins at the most in order for me to be able to animate it in time for the deadline. I wanted to be realistic with the amount of detail I wanted and action for the animation scenes, along with the colour schemes that I wanted the animation to look like. Even though I won't be using this scene I want to draw these boards again with different angles to show how I would have looked like in the animation, as it is scene that I really liked. Although I will be cutting this scene, this does not effect the rest of the animation, instead of a slow introduction into the setting, the animation goes straight into the chase scene, it starts with a fast pace which works quite well.

This leads to the second animatic - the second animatic was a quick edit for the time, at that moment I hadn't completely finished the additional storyboards so I had to use some of the previous frames as a stand in. I wanted to send this amended time to the musician as soon as possible so that the score would fit the animation well. However even with this amended time, I found that a few of the frames were flat, there didn't seem to be space in the composition, so I wanted to redraw them so that it flowed well with the rest of the animation.

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