Friday, 11 March 2016

Extended Design - Animatic Take 2

After cutting down the first act in the previous animatic, I created more in-between storyboards to connect the scenes together and to replace the stand in frames. However whilst I was drawing these frames I started to critically review the action that I had included. I found that even though I liked the slide into the alley way transition, it wasn't needed, as the more I watched this sequence the more jarred it made the sequence of events. It was how the main character is shown already running from the thug, to jumping over an obstacle that the thug crashes into and continues to chase the main character, who escapes by sliding over a market stall. Being extremely ruthless I cut out this slide action and re-framed the thug crashing into the kart but this time being stopped by the kart, with the main character running straight into the alleyway. I personally thought that this worked so much better, the sequence of events was easier and more enjoyable to watch.

I asked for feedback from a fellow student about the sequence as to which version worked more successfully. Feedback agreed that the cut version worked more successfully especially with the target audience that I wanted for my animation. The feedback also noted that there was room for comedy here from the kart owner, I really liked this addition and I wanted to add slight bits of humour throughout the animation.

Additionally I changed part of the ending sequence by re-framing the angle and space in the frame, I mainly changed the perspective to a 3/4 angle and changed most of the close ups to medium/long shots to add more visual appeal to the dialogue. I really like this animatic, I love the amount of movement that will be in each scene and with the knowledge that I have learnt from my theory in the Context of Practice 3 module, I have been able to mix angles and shots together to create something interesting and visually appealing with the composition in each frame.

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