Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Extended Design - Creating a layout for the final art book outcome

I wanted to start creating my layout for the final pages of the art book early so that I could easily add the  development work, screen shots and final work to the template.

For my own work, I wanted something that was simple and slightly detailed with a text box so that I could add ' creator comments ' etc. I've always been more inclined to keep the background white, adding either a border with interesting type faces.

I wanted to emphasise the character's name, so that the viewer immediately knew which character it was without looking at the visuals. I also fell in love with the typewriter font, royalty free from da I really liked the parchment approach it gave the page.

I then added two border eek lines to frame the page, I used a textured brush on photoshop to make the border lines more interesting with a grey approach to the hue. I didn't want a colourful hue as the character designs are quite vibrant and would be difficult to find the right colour that wouldn't detract away from the main design and work with the font.

Overall I really like this layout as it will work well with the turnaround sheets and screenshots from the animation.

Example of final layout design for own project

For Becky's work I needed to create a layout that would work with her animation theme. Her characters  were developed from the Brothers Grimm tale Rumpelstiltskin. I immediately envisioned an aged approach to the design, such as torn and coffee stained pages. For the tester approach I used a royalty free grunge attacked paper texture, which worked really well with the character designs.

I wanted to emphasise the aged approach to the design, so using inspiration from victorian borders I created a small element to frame the text. It worked surprisingly well, I believe this is due to how simple it was and it didn't overcrowd or draw attention away from the main design. Feedback from Becky was extremely positive and there were no major changes to the layout that needed to be done.

To avoid any copyright claims I would like to create my own coffee stained paper texture, even though the texture is royalty free.

Example of final layout design for Becky's project

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