Sunday, 13 March 2016

Extended Design: Lip Sync Animation Test

I wanted to quickly test how I would move the jaw and animate the main mouth movements for my main character. I wanted to test this on after effects as I was curious to see if the puppet tool would work successfully on the jaw. In order to use the puppet tool, I separated the head onto a separate layer and imported the photoshop file into after effects so that I could manipulate each layer with ease. I found using the puppet tool quite difficult with moving the jaw. In order to key frame the puppet tool, I had to hold down the ctrl button and then move the pin on the chin to match the movements of the mouth. however I couldn't see the animation of the dialogue whilst I moved the pin, so I had to guess. This wasn't that successful so I key framed the main pin to match the switch between the mouth movements. This was very successful but time consuming with having to watch the mouth movement first to then key frame the puppet pin.

I really liked the movement on the chin, it worked nicely and I want to include this in the final animation however with the time it took on after effects, I may have to leave this extra movement.

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