Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Extended Design - Storyboards take 2

With the additional frames and re-drawing the rest of the boards, I drew these on an A5 sketchpad so that I could easily tear the pages out and use a lightbox to draw the following action with ease. In COP3 I found it easier to draw digitally so that I could use the last frame as reference with lowering the opacity of that layer. Drawing digitally however took longer with how I needed to get the lines perfect. However with the use of these tearaway pages I was able to quickly draw frames and edit them again.

As I was storyboarding these new frames, I was making the animatic at the same time and discovered that the amount that I had drawn, was lasting for over 5 minutes. Subsequently I had to ruthlessly consider what scenes I really needed. Unfortunately this lead to cutting out act one and start with the run scene. I am really gutted that I had to get rid of the beginning sequence as it showed the characters personality well before the action and introduction of more characters are portrayed however cutting straight to the chase scene does draw the spectator into the animation. The ease of the environment before the crescendo of the main character running through the market works quite successfully, especially for my target audience. 

Another major change was after the jump over the kart. Instead of the Thug continuing to chase the main character, the Thug crashes into the kart stand and is knocked out with the apples engulfing him. With this action I then cut out the slide over the market stall into the alley way with the main character running straight into the alleyway. This chain of events works more smoothly, especially with the angle of the movement. Previously it was quite jarring and I believe this was mainly due to the amount of action that the main character was doing and how I had pieced them together.

Other small changes:

+ I changed the angle of the main character throwing the spyglass to a full medium shot and at a 3/4 angle so that the action of him throwing didn't look so flat.

+ I changed the action of the main character standing up - instead of animating him standing up, it worked more successfully with showing him brushing dust from his knees to let the audience know that he has stood up. This way I was able to show the shadow spirit float around him before cutting to the next frame.

+ I added a low angle shot of the main character as he asks 'What do you mean being stuck with me?'. This made the scene more dramatic as the shadow begins to transform.

+ I added an action of the main character scratching his head and turning with the camera as he asks another question to the shadow. I felt that this worked well as it shows the characters personality and thought process as he turns to the shadow.

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